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  1. Your voice matters: We celebrate diversity and are dedicated to promoting LGBTQ+ voices in literature.
  2. Digital advantage: Our digital-first model means faster publication, wider reach, and more opportunities for success.
  3. Professional support: Our experienced team of editors, designers, and publicists will help you polish your story and get it in front of the right audience.
  4. Competitive royalties: Earn 50% of net sales revenue from your eBook sales, ensuring that you're fairly rewarded for your work.
  5. Print potential: Sell 1,000 eBooks, and we'll work with you to create a paperback edition, expanding your readership even further.
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If you’re an LGBTQ+ author with a compelling story to tell, we want to hear from you. Submit your manuscript today and take the first step towards bringing your vision to life.

At Spring Street Books, we’re not just a publishing house – we’re a community. Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive, representative world of fiction, one story at a time.